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Custom Programming Services

Custom Programming Services

Esosystem provides consulting and custom programming services, specialized in ASP.NET, database and related technologies. Our cooperation could go to different levels, depending on needs of our customer's projects. That includes:
Basic consulting - for companies that have adequate staffing, but need expert advice...

Full consulting - for companies that require leadership and control of the website creation process from start to finish, and more modification if need be.

Manpower - for companies that need more development workers; instead of hiring temporary workers, rent Esosystem to patch your software and web development process.

Full development process - a more decisive solution or the best solution, simply forward your complete project to Esosystem. Please feel free to contact  us


Web development

when creating a web publication we

- Meet with you to develop the best website for your needs.
- Create sample concepts for your approval.
- Produce attractive, accessible user-friendly sites.
- Work with you on editorial content and revision
- Do quality control and browser testing, design, create and use web-friendly digital images

Online Data Collection Forms Made Easy

Online Data Collection Forms Made Easy

If you ever wanted a neat website secure e-form online data collection or contact form that your visitors can use to send you feedback, or book appointment online but you don't have the technical knowledge or the server requirements to do it, Please feel free to contact us

Desktop publishing

when creating a print publication we

- Determine production parameters.
- Produce a sample for your approval.
- Produce a set of first page proofs
- Work through the revision process
- Work with you through pre-press see the job through the printing cycle.



has work in publishing industry since 1999, our expericence includes a broad range of software development for home, office and industrial use. More also print editorial and web production, this brings us to a work that benefits a strong background in traditional typesetting, typography and editorial services combined with a thorough knowledge and understanding of today's electronic production tools.