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Introducing TREM, in the finest Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels around the world. Whether you are running a single restaurant or a resort with multiple restaurants, TREM is exactly what you need to effectively manage the reservation process while capturing everything important about your customer's profile. For restaurants looking for improved table, menu and recipe management software, be sure to take a look at TREM, a restaurant management software that fully integrates all restaurant requirements. 
Trem easy-to-use dining reservations system supports booking, menu, event and recipe description link up to cost per person and number of person attached with each event at a particular time. For example. Wedding, birthday parties, e.t.c reservation flows for all dining occasions. This software, is an ideal solution for managing all types of restaurant reservation of food and beverages for a fine dining restaurants. With 100% guaranty to provide your guests and staff with single guest itinerary. Track customers and more importantly help keep the repeat customers. You can analyse reservation trends and work towards your future needs. Rearrange reservations and allocate tables without an eraser in sight! Trem Restaurant Reservation allows you to take reservations quickly and easily. Reservations under your complete control, rearrange tables, allocate table blocks and make prominent tables stand out with one click.

Recommended System Requirements:
•Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7  •12GB disk space,       •4GB RAM •1440×900 resolution

Trem Reservation Booking System . . . at a glance.
Terminals per Restaurant 
Unlimited Advance Reservations
Multiple Area and Pref. Management 
Configurable for Holidays 
Overbooking Capability
Seat Blocking for VIPs & More
Easy Date, Time and Table Selection
Table Suggestion / Seek based on Time / Size 
Customer Search by Name or ID 
Customer Reservation History 
Customer Dining Preference Information 
Customer Special Requests 
Automatic Confirmation No. Generation
Reservations List for Seating Guests
User Management with Password
Easy Table, Pref. and Area Setup
Table Availability by Time Slot
Table Turn Times by Time Zone
Reservations Reports
Customer Reports
Table Reports
Preference Reports
Utilization Reports
Tracks Cancellations and No-Shows
Data Exporting
Recipe Database
Manu Database
Event Database
Trem Reservation Booking System Application Screenshot
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Your free trial of Trem Restaurant Reservation Booking System software will last for 31 days from the time of first use one opening of the application once in a day. If you do not purchased the product after 31 days, your trial version will expire.