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e-Form And Data Entry
Basic e-forms solutions

If you're the master of your bureaucracy, with paperwork going out into the world and coming home full of new and interesting information that needs to be processed. The traditional paper-based workflow can be time-consuming and expensive. 



With our Data Collection Pdf Forms: Users can download forms and save them to the desktop, giving them time to fill in lengthy documents rather than having to do it all in a single sitting through your site.  And, since the form is a PDF, you don't have to worry about users causally destroying your form's presentation or format.

Once you feel comfortable with the basics of manipulating PDF forms, you can automate the extraction of data into spreadsheets and databases.  Like traditional paper forms, we designed these forms to be filled out by hand, but can be found online and printed to be returned via snail mail.

Flipping that paradigm, you have "fill and print" forms. Acrobat users can save these forms after filling them out, but Adobe Reader users can only print and send the forms.


The PDF can be printed and the forms filled out the old-fashioned way, or a user can type the text into the forms, then print the completed document for submission. This comes in handy particularly when dealing with large numbers of forms that need to be processed.


We can also apply security settings to PDF forms, controlling what the user can manipulate, and ensuring that only your intended recipient is using the e-form in the first place.


We deploy secure electronic forms in an environmentally friendly way, more also, we offer intuitive tools to retrieve web forms and responses.  Our service slashes cost, reduces the time and simplifies the task of collecting secure data through e-forms.