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Esosystem ”Student system management” software is design to meet up to date functional software for institutions. The software has the ability to keep data record of all staff and student in an institution, data’s are kept in a database package and staff and student enquiry data are also kept in the data base record.

How the software functions: The software periodically use (user sets personal I.D and users pass-key) store in a database to update the system before the program can run on any system. The software has the ability of keeping student enquiry on a particular course, more also the software has the ability keeping staff record and new student for each courses available and record the fee schedule for the course and student instalment payment can be kept using the software system. The system has the ability of keeping staff and student photo attached with there personal ID in the database record. Staff and student can be search for using the system search engine by typing in the staff or student personal ID number into the search text box, with this the data can be modify if need be. The report function of the system make easy way of getting all the data in the data base record both for staff and student for any modification or for print out.

Recommended System Requirements:
•Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7  •12GB disk space,  •4GB RAM •1024×768 resolution

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